Earn $100 per day Selling On Clickbank In 2023 | Clickbank Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

How to Make 1000$ per Day through Affiliate Marketing (COPY & PASTE) Method

Imagine sitting at your computer, gazing at the screen, and watching your ClickBank earnings grow steadily over the past month. In July, just after we bid farewell to June, you can witness the numbers climb from June 13th to the 28th – $100.99, $5.61, $121, $100, all on a mere $5 investment. Today, I’m excited to reveal a unique method that can help you earn up to $100 a day through ClickBank.

This strategy is unlike anything you’ve seen on the internet. I’ve personally tested it repeatedly, and it works like a charm. Stick with me until the end of this blog post, and I’ll share all the details to help you scale up your ClickBank earnings.

Chapter 1: Meet Frankie Malo Hey there, I’m Frankie Malo, and on my channel, I share strategies to help you grow your online business. Today, our focus is on ClickBank affiliate marketing, where you earn commissions by promoting other people’s products. I’m about to unveil a step-by-step process to help you reach an income of over $100 per day.

Chapter 2: Navigating the ClickBank Marketplace The first step is to head over to ClickBank.com and explore the ClickBank Marketplace. Here, you’ll find a treasure trove of offers, but for our purpose, click on “Top Offers.” One product in particular caught my eye with an average conversion of $136 per sale. If you do the math, selling just one of these products every other day can earn you over $100 a day. But let’s dive deeper and find out how to make this consistent.

How to Make 1000$ per Day through Affiliate Marketing (COPY & PASTE) Method

Chapter 3: Setting Up Your ClickBank Account If you’re in Nigeria and facing challenges setting up your ClickBank account, don’t worry; I’ve got you covered. I’ve created a program that guides you through the process. You can find the link to this program in the description. Once you have your ClickBank account ready, you’re all set to move forward.

Chapter 4: Exploring the Offer Now, click on the product’s name in the ClickBank Marketplace. This takes you to a detailed page about the product you’ll be promoting. Take the time to read through this page carefully; it provides valuable insights into the product and its potential.

Chapter 5: Becoming an Affiliate To promote the product, you’ll need to become an affiliate. Click the “Promote” button and add your ClickBank nickname. If you don’t have one, you can create it in your ClickBank account settings.

How to Make 1000$ per Day through Affiliate Marketing (COPY & PASTE) Method

Chapter 6: Crafting Compelling Content Next, search for existing content related to the product on platforms like Google and YouTube. Find relevant content, copy it, and then use a tool like GPT-3 to rewrite it in your own words. This ensures your content is unique and engaging.

Chapter 7: Transforming Text into Video Video marketing is the way to go, so turn your rewritten text into a video. Use tools like inVideo.io to easily convert your script into a video format. Make sure to choose or create relevant visuals and a voiceover for your video.

Chapter 8: Editing and Customizing Edit your video to ensure it flows smoothly. You might need to replace or add visuals to match the content. In our example, we replaced a gym scene with the appropriate footage.

How to Make 1000$ per Day through Affiliate Marketing (COPY & PASTE) Method

Chapter 9: Exporting and Uploading to YouTube Export your video in high quality (1080p) and upload it to YouTube. Craft an eye-catching thumbnail and add your ClickBank affiliate link in the video description, directing viewers to the product page.

Chapter 10: Mastering YouTube SEO Lastly, focus on YouTube SEO to get your video ranked. A well-optimized video can bring in views and, in turn, potential customers.

Conclusion: That’s it! You’ve just learned a unique strategy to start earning over $100 a day with ClickBank. The best part? You don’t need to invest heavily in ads. By following these steps and putting in some effort, you can tap into the world of affiliate marketing and watch your ClickBank earnings grow. Feel free to leave your comments and questions below; I’m here to help. Happy earning!

How to Make 1000$ per Day through Affiliate Marketing (COPY & PASTE) Method

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