REVEALED: How to sell on Clickbank and get many affiliates

Discover step by step how to sell your own digital products on ClickBank and how you can get affiliates to help you promote them.

In this article we are going to tell you how to sell your own infoproducts on ClickBank, one of the best and best-known e-commerce platforms in the world . We will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of publishing your product on ClickBank and what other alternatives you can take into account. In addition, we will show you the best strategies to get many and (above all) good affiliates to help you with the promotion of the product. You can make money with ClickBank too!

How to Make 1000$ per Day through Affiliate Marketing (COPY & PASTE) Method

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What is ClickBank?

Let’s start at the beginning… If you are new to the world of infoproducts and online businesses, you may not know what ClickBank is.

ClickBank is one of the most important e-commerce platforms for digital products on the planet . It was one of the first platforms aimed at the publication of infoproducts and is available in more than 190 countries.

ClickBank was born in 1998 in a garage in San Diego, California, and in a few years it became one of the most important retailers on the Internet.#ClickBank was born in 1998 in a garage in San Diego, California, and in a few years it became one of the most important retailers on the Internet.CLICK TO TWEET

There is a large community, even in the Spanish language, that makes money by publishing their products or promoting other ClickBank products as affiliates .

How to Make 1000$ per Day through Affiliate Marketing (COPY & PASTE) Method

Why publish your product on ClicBank?

Before publishing your infoproduct on ClickBank, or on any other Internet platform, you should analyze its characteristics and ask yourself if it is really the best option for your project .

Next, we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of publishing your digital product on ClickBank.

Advantages of selling on ClickBank

One of the main advantages of publishing on Clickbank is that it allows you to accept credit cards and PayPal, generating income through a highly secure platform. Many people have already made purchases on ClickBank, or at least know it, and that generates trust in your potential customers .

Another of the main advantages of publishing on ClickBank is that it allows you to create really advanced sales tunnels . In this way, you can significantly increase your income by offering different products to your clients (upsell, cross-sell, downsell).

ClickBank also integrates with the main email marketing platforms and the main web analytics services .

Finally, an advantage that ClickBank has over any other platform is its large number of affiliates . An affiliate is someone who promotes a product in exchange for a commission for each sale. That is, affiliates will send potential buyers to your website, through a special link that allows you to know which affiliate sends each visitor, and each time a sale is made, the affiliate who sent the buyer will receive a percentage of the product value.

There are a lot of people who are dedicated to making money with a blog through affiliate marketing and who work with ClickBank. Therefore, if you follow the advice that we will give you later, you can get a large number of affiliates that will help you with the promotion of the product and allow you to earn more money .

How to Make 1000$ per Day through Affiliate Marketing (COPY & PASTE) Method

Disadvantages of selling on ClickBank

One of the disadvantages that you can find when publishing on ClickBank is its price. Unlike other platforms, in order to market your product on their platform you have to pay $49.95 one time to activate your account . Although it is a cost to take into account when planning your product, the functionalities that the platform provides make it worth facing for most projects.

Another problem that we have begun to observe recently is that some banks in certain Latin American countries reject credit card purchases through ClickBank. It is something to take into account, although at the moment, the percentage is very small.

How to Make 1000$ per Day through Affiliate Marketing (COPY & PASTE) Method

Alternatives to ClickBank

Now that you know what the advantages and disadvantages of selling with ClickBank are, you must decide if it is the platform that best suits you or not.

Perhaps before making the decision you want to analyze other alternatives… Below, I leave you a list of the main options for ClickBank to sell your digital products with affiliate programs :

  • Hotmart: This is a platform of Brazilian origin that has grown a lot in recent years and has become one of the best alternatives to sell your product within the Hispanic market.
  • Click2Sell: Although Click2Sell is not as big or as well-known as Clickbank, it is chosen by a large number of product creators, even Spanish-speaking ones. Its main advantage is that it gives you the possibility of accepting international credit cards with very few requirements and no setup cost.
  • JVZoo: JVZoo is very versatile and has virtually no restrictions, so you will be able to easily access a wide variety of tools. The main disadvantage is that it is quite limited in the market niches that are promoted there.

How to Make 1000$ per Day through Affiliate Marketing (COPY & PASTE) Method

How to sell on ClickBank step by step

Now we are going to see step by step what you should do to publish your infoproduct on ClickBank quickly and easily.

We assume that you already have the content of your infoproduct prepared… If you still do not have the product and need help with the content creation process, you can check our post: How to Create a Successful Infoproduct in 5 Simple Steps and you can also subscribe to our free training “From idea to action . ”

Step 1: Create your ClickBank account

Obviously the first step is to register on the platform. To create an account on ClickBank you must complete three forms: the first with personal information, the second with banking information and the third with account information.

make money with clickbank

TIP: Think very carefully about the username you will choose when creating the account because you cannot change it. I recommend that you use something related to your niche.

Step 2: Prepare your website for selling the product

Once you have created your ClickBank account, you must prepare your web pages to comply with the platform’s policies .

In order to sell your infoproduct you need to create a launch page , a thank you page and place the ClickBank trust badge.

Launch page

The launch page is what is commonly known as a sales page . This is the website where you present the product to your potential customers and try to convince them to make the purchase .

For your product to be approved, your launch page  or sales page must contain:

  • A detailed description of the product.
  • The price of the product clearly visible.
  • The format of the product and what software is needed to open it (Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, etc.).
  • How the product will be shipped and how long delivery will take (immediate, 5 minutes, etc.).
  • An email address or link through which customers and potential customers can communicate with questions or concerns about the products.
  • A link to the ClickBank Payment Form, where customers fill out payment details to place their order.

Thank you page

The thank you page is the page where your customers will be redirected once they complete the payment . On this page, in addition to thanking the customer for their purchase, you must include:

  • Clear instructions on how to access the product (via a download link, entering a membership site, etc.), or information about how and when the product will be delivered to them.
  • An email address or link through which customers can contact if they have a question about the product or need technical support.
  • A reminder to the customer that a charge to ClickBank or CLKBANK*COM will appear on their credit card statement, rather than a reference to the specific product. This is because customers sometimes request refunds because they don’t remember that they made the purchase through ClickBank.

Place ClickBank Badge

The ClickBank Trust Badge is a tab or header that you must place on each page of your website that contains a link to the ClickBank payment form .

You can configure the ClickBank trust badge according to the style and colors that best suit your website.

The trust badge is a custom JavaScript code that you must include in the HTML of each page. To get the code you must log in to your ClickBank account and go to “Settings” and then “My site”. There you will find the ClickBank badge section from where you can configure it according to the style of your site.

How to Make 1000$ per Day through Affiliate Marketing (COPY & PASTE) Method

clickbank trust badge

The default setting is the header bar centered in white.

Once the badge is set up, copy the provided JavaScript code snippet and place it just above the closing header tag of your page’s HTML code.

Step 3: Publish the product on ClickBank

Now that you’ve prepared your site, it’s time to start publishing the product itself.

Within your account , go to the Settings section  and then to My Products . There select the Add New Product option .

How to Make 1000$ per Day through Affiliate Marketing (COPY & PASTE) Method

Choose the Type of Product you are going to sell

The first thing you have to choose is the type of product you are going to publish . Originally, ClickBank only sold digital products, but for some time now they have added physical products and hybrid products.

  • Standard Digital Product
  • Recurring Digital Product
  • Standard physical product
  • Recurring physical product
  • Digital product with a single physical component
  • Physical product with a recurring digital component

Depending on the type of product you choose, the information you must complete will be. In this case we are referring to digital products, whether standard or recurring billing. Select the type of product and then fill out the form with the product and website details (sale page and thank you page) .

Create the payment link

Once you have entered the new product you have to create the link to send customers to the ClickBank payment form, and then insert this link on your sales page . The payment link must have the following format:

You must replace ITEM with the item code you generated. And replace SELLER with your ClickBank username.

Then you place the payment link on the button on the launch page .

Request product approval

When you have everything ready and have made the trial purchase , all that remains is to request approval of the product.

They check each product manually, so the response may take 3 to 5 business days . They will probably ask you a question about the product, and ask you to make some changes to your launch page and/or thank you page .

Make the requested changes and respond to the ticket. If they request new changes again, make them until they approve the product.

Activate the account

Once they have approved the product, you only have to pay the account activation fee $49.95 dollars so that the product begins to appear in the ClickBank market and is available for purchase.

How to Make 1000$ per Day through Affiliate Marketing (COPY & PASTE) Method

Get affiliates to promote your product

Congratulations! You already have your infoproduct published in the ClickBank market. Surely, you will ask yourself, what do I do now? When do the sales arrive?

For you to start making money online with your product, you need to make people aware of it . To do this you have to promote it in all the ways you can : through social networks, contacting your email list through an email marketing tool, publishing information related to the product on your blog, doing guest posting on other related blogs. with your market niche, carrying out advertising campaigns on platforms such as Facebook Ads or Google AdWords, etc.

In addition, carrying out all these actions will take time, and in some cases money… The best option to start enjoying your profits as soon as possible is to contact affiliates who have already earned money with ClickBank and who can help you with the promotion . change of a percentage of profits .

Think for a moment about the enormous impact it can have on your product if there are a lot of people actively recommending it in every corner of the web where it is possible to place your links to the sales page.

ClickBank securely and automatically manages the affiliate system to guarantee complete transparency in the payment of commissions. You choose what level of commission you will give to your affiliates . Depending on the value and type of product, commissions can range between 25% and 90% of the sales value.

How to Make 1000$ per Day through Affiliate Marketing (COPY & PASTE) Method

The secret to getting quality affiliates

The secret to getting many and, above all, good affiliates is to show them that promoting your product will be profitable for them . That is, you must have a high-quality product, a professional website with a persuasive sales letter, and of course offer a commission level that is attractive to them.

To contact affiliates who promote ClickBank products you can join an Affiliate Club or a discussion forum about affiliate marketing , present the product and invite them to promote it.

Affiliates are a very important part of your business, so you must seduce them and make their work easier , and an excellent way to do this is to create a page with tools for affiliates on the product website .

How to Make 1000$ per Day through Affiliate Marketing (COPY & PASTE) Method

More Information about how to Sell Info products

We are sure that this guide will allow you to start selling your first product on ClickBank. Although you need to know that to get the most out of the platform and make money with ClickBank you will seriously have to delve into the subject.
If you want detailed information about the entire process of planning, creating and publishing your product on ClickBank or any other platform, you can subscribe to our free training “From Idea to Action”:

Are you already selling on ClickBank?

If you have already sold on ClickBank, either your own product or as an affiliate, tell us what your experience has been by leaving a comment. Also, tell us what you thought of this guide on How to Sell on ClickBank and if you would add anything else to it.

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How to Make 1000$ per Day through Affiliate Marketing (COPY & PASTE) Method

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