What is Click Bank program? How to Join Click Bank?

After all, what is click bank? How to earn money from Click Bank ? How to join ClickBank program ? So friends, in today’s article I will give you Clickbank Hindi review. 

And I will give complete information about Click Bank. How can you join Click Bank? And I will also tell you that if you do not have a blog or website . So you can earn money by sharing or promoting  Clickbank products .

How to Make 1000$ per Day through Affiliate Marketing (COPY & PASTE) Method

What is Click Bank? (what is clickbank in hindi?)

Clickbank is an e-commerce website like amazon, flipkart, etc. Like the way you affiliate on an e-commerce website and you get some commissions . Clickbank also works in the same way. Clickbank is an affiliate program website . By promoting whose products you can earn commission .

But Clickbank is completely different from other affiliate programs. On other affiliate programs you have to create your account and take approval. And it takes some time to get approved. Due to which a lot of your time is wasted in getting approval. But in Clickbank you get instant approval as soon as you create an account.

As soon as youcomplete $50 in your Clickbank account, you canyour bank through PayPal .

How to Join Click Bank? (How to Join Click Bank?)

Friends, joining Clickbank is very easy. If you do not know how to join Clickbank, then you can create your account on Clickbank by following some simple steps given below .

Step 1. Open any of your web browsers and search https www.clickbank.com . After this you will directly reach the official website of Clickbank.

Step 2. Then you have to scroll down a little. You will see an option “Become An Affiliate” . You have to click on the start promoting option.

How to Make 1000$ per Day through Affiliate Marketing (COPY & PASTE) Method


Steps 3. After this a new page will open, you have to click on the join clickbank option.


Step 4. Next a form will open, in that form you have to fill country, first name, last name, phone number, E-mail I’d, password.

Clickbank Form

Step 5. Now click on  continue to terms and condition and tick the terms and condition option. 

Step 6. After this, click on the option of join click bank. Now you will be redirected to the dashboard of your click bank. So friends, these were simple steps which you can follow to join  the Clickbank affiliate program .

 How to Promote Click Bank Products 

Till now I have told you what is Clickbank?, how to join Clickbank? And I have given some basic information about Clickbank. This is the most main work in Click Bank. Selling Click Bank products Let us know how you can promote  click bank products .

Step 1. First of all, login to the dashboard of Click Bank. Click on the left corner of the Dashboad, then click on the option of Affiliate Market Place.

How to Make 1000$ per Day through Affiliate Marketing (COPY & PASTE) Method

What is Click Bank program?

Step 2. Then you will see an interface like this, either you can search products by category or you can search your product in the search bar box above.


Step 3. Products related to the products you have searched will appear. The product you want to promote. Click on the product option in front of it.


Step 4. Then write the account name and tracking ID and click on  Generate hoplink .

Hopelink Clickbank

Step 5. After this, the affiliate link of your products will be generated, you can promote that product by copying the link.

How to Make 1000$ per Day through Affiliate Marketing (COPY & PASTE) Method

Where to share ClickBank Products?

The biggest question is where we can earn money by sharing the products of our Click Bank. Let us know about some platforms where you can share Clickbank products.

  1. Blog

Blog is a very good way to share the products of Click Bank . You can create a banner of Clickbank products on your blog and place it between the home page and article of your blog. Or you can write an article on your blog about that product and include the Click Bank affiliate link of that product in the article.

  1. Youtube

Youtube is a very good platform . To share clickbank products. As you might know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. You can sell Click Bank products through YouTube. 

  1. Social Media

You can promote your Click Bank products on social media like Facebook, Instagram , LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. Can share on.


What is click bank? So friends, in this article I have told you about Click Bank  Review : Best Affiliate Program of 2024 . How did you like this article Click Bank Review: Best Affiliate Program Of 2023? Do tell us by commenting. If you have any problem related to Click Bank then please ask us by commenting.

How to Make 1000$ per Day through Affiliate Marketing (COPY & PASTE) Method

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